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Secure Valuables with Safe in Greenwood Lake, NY


For most people, safety and security is something we take for granted. Yet, when that is taken away, we feel vulnerable. The truth is, a home theft occurs every 15 seconds, according to the FBI, which accumulates to 2 million such crimes every year!

Unfortunately, approximately 87% of all theft crimes go unsolved. What thieves go for is your most valuable possessions. While insurance will come some items, many things have a value beyond the “fair market” value and cannot be replaced. Additionally, many folks who have been through such an ordeal feel that they seem to be the one being punished, not the criminal. That’s why it’s important to have a safe to protect those possessions valuable to you. Security Solutions has the “solution” with a variety of safes in Greenwood Lake, NY and Orange County.

Safes in Greenwood Lake, NY

The benefits of owning a safe in your Greenwood Lake, NY home are numerous. Securing money, bonds, guns, and jewelry is just the beginning. Treasured valuables such as family memorabilia, including documents and photographs may be kept inside a home safe as well.

The invaluable protection against fire, flood, wind and theft makes them very desirable for many homeowners.

At Security Solutions, we carry the latest range of safes for residential, as well as commercial properties in Greenwood Lake, NY. All of our safes are water and fire-proof.

Types of Safes

• Chest
• File cabinet
• Auto, RV, and Marine
• Floor
• Wall-mounted

State-of-the-Art Technology

Choose from our biometric and fingerprint locks and safes with their keyless entry system. These open with a programmed fingerprint or pre-programmed PIN code, so you never have to worry about losing or misplacing a key.

Things to consider when buying a safe

When shopping for a home safe, make sure it’s heavy enough so a burglar couldn’t walk away with it. If you can, bolt it to the floor or install it into a wall. An additional thought is to store it in a unique place in your home unless you’re using it daily such as in an office. You don’t want to simply not use it because it isn’t convenient.

Some additional things to consider is the size of the safe. Safes that are heavy and require a hand truck to move should be placed on the ground floor. Safes that can be moved with a couple of people are okay to have on the second floor. If your main concern is fire, you should try to place your safe on a cement slab.

Investing in a safe in Greenwood Lake, NY today could prevent an unfortunate headache in the future. Protect the items you value most from Security Solutions.

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Use our customized surveillance systems with remote viewing technology to prevent theft, ensure customer and employee safety and help lower business insurance rates. You can do all this on-site or off-site via a computer or cellphone.

Monitor and control access to your home or office using our state-of-the-art intercoms and access control systems. Keep accurate electronic records of employees or building tenants through prox readers, cards and biometrics.

Choose from our electric and biometric safes with their key-less entry system. You can use these safes to protect and preserve valuables such as jewelry, guns, collectibles, and family keepsakes.